Environment and Safety

At Carluccio Trasporti we use our experience in the logistics sector to guarantee that all our deliveries are made
with respect for the environment and follow safety procedures in compliance with current legislation.


For many companies, care for the environment is an ever more important requirement for satisfying the needs of the market and complying with legislation.
Carluccio Trasporti is a company that cares for the environment. Our fleet travels millions of kilometres every year and that has an impact on the environment. For this reason, we have a young fleet, 80% comprising euro 6 vehicles and the rest comprising euro 5 and euro 3 vehicles. Additionally, each vehicle is rigorously checked for consumption and environmental impact.


To safeguard our staff, every year we invest in training in a unique, effective accident prevention system and in the provision of the personal protective equipment required by law.
Safety and care of staff are crucial, especially in a high-risk business like transportation and logistics. Therefore we make sure to respect the laws and regulations relating to health and safety at work. We adopt all necessary measures for the prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses arising from work activities within the company.